4Designer Bundles for Creative Teams

Expand your design power with cost-effective bundles

4Designer 1200x600

In today’s fast-paced media-centric world, broadcast designers are facing rapidly increasing graphics demands under tighter deadlines. That’s why choosing highly efficient and comprehensive tools are important to the success of your entire design department. With 4Designer, your teams can quickly and easily create stunning real-time graphics that captivate audiences and elevate your brand.

Now you can equip and expand your design department with extra creative capabilities with two 4Designer bundles. The 4Designer Pre-Production Bundle incorporates everything you need to boost your entire production workflow, including tools to create 2D and 3D graphics, render real-time graphics, animate text, and bring Adobe After Effects content directly into 4Designer.

If you’re expanding your design department and just need a few more workstations brought online for your team, the 4Designer Creation Bundle enables you to expand your team and allow more designers to contribute to the production workflow.

Compare bundles 4Designer Pre-Production 4Designer Creation
4Designer software 3 3
HDVG+ rendering engine with ClipPlayer Included Not included
Text Effects Plug-in 3 for 4Designer
1 for HDVG+
After Effects Plug-in 3 3