ProSet Virtual Studio Bundles


You may have the most talented news anchors, talk show hosts, or on-camera personalities leading your production, but your studio set can also impact how audiences perceive your brand. You don’t need to hire a construction crew or invest in pricey décor to elevate your studio’s look and feel. With ProSet, you can easily create high-end virtual studio environments, which can be switched out quickly to complement different stories and themes.

And now it’s even easier to boost production value with three cost-effective ProSet bundles. These bundles provide the software, rendering hardware, and camera tracking systems you need to design 3D environments with realistic detail, depth, and perspective, whether you want to makeover a small set or an entire studio. These bundles include one or more of the following:

  • ProSet—Virtual studio tracking and production software
  • 4Designer—2D/3D graphics authoring application
  • TrackingSet—Collects data from the tracking system and exports it to the render engine
  • Infuse Chroma Keyer—Enables green screen to be replaced by CG or video seamlessly
  • Infuse Control—Complete chromakey user interface
  • Depth of Field Shader—Enables control of the foreground and background focus depth
  • HDVG+—Real-time graphics rendering engine/server for HD and SD media
  • DVD 40 Internal—Delays the incoming feed for squeeze backs (built into HDVG+)
  • Clip Player—Provides clip playback combined with graphics
  • Xync—Infrared camera tracking system
  • VDI 40—Embeds metadata, such as a selected ID, the camera’s ID and the time code, onto video signals


 Compare Bundles  ProSet Basic ProSet Premium   ProSet Elite
 ProSet 1 1 1
4Designer 1 1 1
TrackingSet 1 3 4
Infuse Control 1 3 4
Infuse Chroma Keyer 1 3 4
Depth of Field Shader 1 1 1
HDVG+ 1 3 4
DVD 40 Internal 1 3 4
Clip Player 1 3 4
Xync 3 cameras

(covers 45 sq m)
 3 cameras

(covers 45 sq m)
Studio size

(covers 75 sq m)
VDI 40  1    

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