Avid Spark


Smart telestration for sports productions

Avid Spark is a smart and easy-to-use telestration tool that enables you to draw graphic elements right on top of live video. Using a dedicated touchscreen interface, you or a commentator can quickly and easily highlight plays, players, and more by inserting high-quality 2D and 3D customizable objects at your exact point of interest. Ideal for both studio and live sport productions, you can easily and quickly add captivating enhancements to provide a more engaging experience for viewers.



Captivate your viewers with Avid Spark sports enhancements


  • Create engaging replays and highlights
  • Customize your graphics
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Avid Spark features a powerful 3D graphics engine that enables you to quickly create enhanced clips, and draw graphics using onscreen and in-field perspectives. Avid Spark is designed for fast operation, and provides an accelerated workflow for small to mid-sized broadcasters.

  • Use your own graphic elements or choose from elements available within the platform. Using the open architecture and advanced authoring tools in Avid Spark, you can design your own unique features. Or easily rebrand existing features provided with the system. You can also augment the effects bank with other graphics created with 4Designer authoring software.

  • Avid Spark features an easy-to-use graphical interface that anyone can operate, eliminating the need for a dedicated operator. Before the broadcast, you can choose a point of interest in the video. During the show, simply tap the graphic, place it on the field with another tap, and then play the video.