Display engaging tracked-to-the-field graphics for live sports

Ideal for any type of live sports event, Invictus makes it easy to display informative and entertaining tracked-to-the-field graphics. Invictus can use sensor- and image-based tracking technologies to overlay any type of graphic object—including textures, clips, and video insertions—to any precise location in any live sports event. Graphic overlays can include commentary, advertisements, sponsorship messages, and more.

Product Highlights

  • Generate any type of on-screen graphics
  • Combine sensor- and image-based tracking
  • Utilize data-driven graphics
  • Get total production flexibility
  • With Invictus, you can display a wide range of on-screen graphics, including virtual flags, record lines, on-field ads, team logos, promos, game statistics, distance measurements, and more. From individual sports like swimming to team sports like baseball, Invictus simplifies graphics displays for any type of sport.

  • Featuring cutting-edge sensor- and image-based tracking technologies, Invictus ensures the your graphics stay tied-to-the-field. This not only enhances the experience for fans, it keeps your graphics in their precise location for a realistic viewing experience. Furthermore, Invictus features a flycam module to track flying cameras and enable on-screen graphics while the cameras are in motion.
  • With Invictus, both on-field and on-screen graphics can be data driven, allowing you to easily integration club logos, scores, and important statistics-tracked graphics.
  • Invictus features a customizable control surface that enables you to configure the controls for different sports and productions. Controls can be edited in real-time or as created as presets, providing greater flexibility to meet the needs of your production. Plus, Invictus features iPad telestration capabilities, so commentators can easily present graphic content in real-time.