Elevate your audience's sports viewing experience

For sports broadcasters, high-quality graphics are not optional—they're essential. MVP is a complete sports graphics production platform that enables you to quickly prepare captivating sports highlight clips, so viewers can better visualize critical plays, the flow of the game, and post-game analysis. MVP can be deployed for any type of sport—even when field lines are minimal or non-existent. MVP supports up to 32 different cameras without camera or lens modifications.

Product Highlights

  • Unprecedented graphic enhancements
  • Customizable graphic look
  • Fast clip preparation
  • Support for spider/fly cams
  • Integrated ingest and playout
  • Quickly create highlight shows
  • Easily create tied to the field 3D drawings, measurements of distance and speed, trajectories of player and ball movements, and more. Plus, all of the different features can be combined to create even more powerful effects.

  • Use your own graphic elements or choose from elements available within the platform, including player names, trajectories, highlights arrows, stats, and more. Using simple key frames, the graphic element follows the tracked object as the play progresses.

  • Preparing a MVP clip takes between seconds to a few minutes—depending on the complexity of the clip—enabling clips to be prepared and shown on-air, during the game itself.

  • Spider/fly cameras provide a great view for tactical analysis, but often cannot be used because they are not static cameras. With its fly cam module, MVP can uniquely track flying cameras, allowing object tracking arrows and player highlights as the cameras move.

  • When integrated with the optional PlayMaker slow motion video server, MVP is a self-contained solution that doesn't require production to tie valuable ingest and playout channels to clip enhancements.

  • MVP can enhance any kind of sports footage—from any fixed camera—without the need to actually be in the venue itself. This makes it the perfect tool for studio highlight shows.