As consumer demand for ubiquitous content grows, media companies must adjust accordingly. This requires producing more content, in more formats, to be delivered to more devices, which puts a strain on storage and workflow capabilities.

Avid helps you meet the modern needs of content delivery with tools that help you store, manage, and deliver content effortlessly. Capitalize on new opportunities while leveraging your existing content, and keep your files safe and secure.




NBC Sports Group: Remote production with Avid


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Managing massive volumes of media at the Rio Olympics

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Future-proofing workflows through software-defined storage

Meeting the challenge

Maximize your media operations, archival needs, and media distribution and delivery with solutions that give you mastery over your content.

  • Keep up with content demands more quickly by streamlining your media lifecycle management, from acquisition to final delivery
  • Solidify the link between media operations and business practices to make your operations more efficient and profitable than the competition
  • Offset growing operation costs and create new revenue streams by quickly searching through and repurposing existing content
  • Cater to different facilities’ needs by integrating Avid and third-party workflows into one platform
  • Unify remote and local facilities by enabling them to search for and access the same media and metadata
  • Simplify your processes and save time through such features as automation, multivendor integration, and managing transcodes and uploads in the background
  • React to the need for cost-effective global production by enabling remote workflows and collaboration
  • Keep files preserved, secure, and metadata-enriched, minimizing data loss and time and money spent on manual archiving and retrieving content
  • Respond to consumer demand for ubiquitous content by delivering content across multiple channels

Integrated hardware & software

Asset Management

Systems and options to organize, track, and maximize the value of your media

Media Suite Modules

Options that extend and maximize the efficiency of your media production workflow

MediaCentral Platform

Underlying technology and tools that unify workflows and access across the platform

Newsroom Management

Professional media production and automation tools for news journalists and producers


Industry-proven shared and nearline storage systems for audio and video workflows

Video (NLE)

Professional video editing software and hardware


Interplay | Production Facility Bundle

Extend real-time collaboration everywhere with this bundle designed for high-performance production

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Interplay | Production Starter Bundle

Accelerate media production with this entry-level bundle designed for smaller workgroups

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Special Offers

Upgrade to MediaCentral | UX and Save 25%

There's never been a better time to get on the MediaCentral Platform—upgrade your Interplay | Production and iNEWS licenses by adding MediaCentral | UX and receive 25% off

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