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Virtual Guitarist SILK is a concert guitar accompaniment virtuoso. From delicate, strings-only singer/songwriter arrangements to vivid dance and pop ornaments, SILK enables a wide range of styles in your production’s sonic color palette.

  • Classy nylon guitar finger picking
  • More than 60 Styles and 670 Phrases
  • Arpeggios, patterns and chord riffs
  • From clean and smooth to vivid fortissimo

And if strummin’ and riffin’ is really your thing, as a registered Pro Tools user you can buy Virtual Guitarist's entire plug-in collection and save over 40% compared to purchasing all the plug-ins separately. This one-of-a kind collection comprises:

  • SILK—classy nylon guitar finger picking
  • IRON—hard-roaring riffs and power chords in overdrive
  • AMBER—warm and bright acoustic steel-string strumming
  • SPARKLE—clean to crunchy, pop to indie; licks, chords and riffs

How it works

Eli Krantzberg, from the Production Expert network, shows how you can create great-sounding guitar tracks using Virtual Guitarist SILK:


This promotion is available exclusively to registered Pro Tools users (including subscribers and Pro Tools | First users) only until June 4, 2017. To take advantage of this offer:

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Virtual Guitarist
the ONLY legit alternative to a world-class studio guitarist

Check out the features that set Virtual Guitarist apart:

  • A Virtual Virtuoso
    A Virtual Virtuoso
  • Sounds Galore
    Sounds Galore
  • Signature Algorithm Animate
    Signature Algorithm: Animate
  • Human After All
    Human After All

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