The Storyteller’s Dilemma

Overcoming the Challenges in the Digital Media Age


Almost every aspect of how we live is impacted by digital media. We have the power to create and consume content, when and where we choose. The common challenge, from the independent artist to the media enterprise, is how to stay relevant and profitable in the face of such change.

As head of one of the industry’s most iconic names in media technology, Avid Chairman & CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr. is up close and personal with the harsh realities of economic change. Yet the extraordinary energy and diversity of the company’s customer base, responsible for some of the most engaging and inspiring media of the past three decades, gives Louis a connection with creativity that is as special as it is rare.

In his third book—The Storyteller's Dilemma—Louis shares his perspectives on how technology is changing the way we share experiences in the connected digital age, and the economic realities of an evolving media landscape. The Storyteller's Dilemma, urges artists, producers, innovators and consumers to embrace this revolution and build an entertaining, informative, creative and lucrative future.


“It’s clear that all of us—creators, distributor and consumers—benefit from being connected,” says Louis. “By collaborating, we can create a new model that will strengthen the entire industry and, if we succeed, we all win together.”

Louis’ book is neither a diatribe against economic elites, nor a postmortem analysis of the ills of digital distribution. Instead, it proposes a new approach—an approach that embraces the intensifying power of storytelling and dispels the notion that disruption and instability go hand-in-hand.

“Moving away from business models that have proved unviable in the digital age, it’s possible to turn higher profits while more equitably compensating all parties involved,” adds Louis. “By creating a streamlined mediascape of shared platforms and common standards we can empower storytellers, developers and deliverers alike. In today's networked world, the economics of storytelling matters to everybody.”

Louis’ previous books, Saving the American Dream—Main Street’s Last Stand, and Too Small to Fail, received many professional distinctions for his expertise in business and technology. He has also been a featured guest on Fox Business, CNBC, ABC News, and Bloomberg TV, where he discussed technology, economics, strategic planning and globalization.

for Avid Customers


A refreshing read that repeatedly homes in on the crux of the issue—from why the industry is broken to a timely call to action and a case for a common platform. In the end, Hernandez’s book cuts through the fog of technology and focuses on the essence of entertainment: storytelling—ours to protect as the ‘social fabric of our culture and future.

Sean Cooney, head of post production, Netflix

Avid has once again developed groundbreaking tools to create workflows that are both user-friendly and streamlined. The Storyteller’s Dilemma addresses the ever-changing landscape and challenges of music creation and collaboration. With Louis Hernandez leading this movement, the future has never looked more exciting or bright.

Paul Sidoti, lead guitarist, Taylor Swift

A truly valuable discussion of the challenges and opportunities that media makers face in an ever-changing technology environment. Anyone working in today’s entertainment industry will find that Louis Hernandez’s book is a must-read.

Elizabeth Daly, dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA)

Thank you, Louis Hernandez, Jr., for effectively and eloquently demystifying the dilemma of digital disruption and the inevitable impact on content creators’ siloed universes. . . . This book is a must read for everyone that is going, or about to go, through digital transformation whether by force or by choice; Louis’s words of wisdom and experience-based advice will guide you through that journey.

Mohamed Abuagla, executive director of technology & operations (CIO/CTO), Al Jazeera Media Network (Doha, Qatar)